:  Most of our policies pertain to the items that we purchase for resale in our              store.

    We take appointments

:  We specialize in brand name clothing, sizes infant through young adult                   including men, plus sizes and maternity. Please call during business hours to step up your appointment. We look at 40 items or less at a time. No appointments after the 21st of every month. We sell shoes from infant to adult  sizes including men. We have a large selection of books and DVDs for all ages.



:   We accept name brand, gently used and current (3 years or newer) clothing.           You may bring your items for us to buy every day but MONDAYS. We also do         not take items after the 21st of every month.Please bring your clean                        clothing items folded in a wash basket, tub or box. Books, and DVDs need    to      be in excellent condition (no scratches and in original case). We do    not accept    horror, graphic, paranormal (zombies, vampires, etc) or  “steamy” romance            books.  We accept items to buy  except for the last hour of the day, which              means before 4:00 pm Tuesdays through Thursdays, 5:00 pm on Fridays and        2:00 pm on Saturdays.

:  We do not buy clothing brought in trash bags. We do not buy garage sale              leftovers.

:  We do not buy items that are torn, faded, dirty, smokey, without labels, missing    buttons, etc. Items must not have pet hair. We buy all seasons all the time.

:  If you have more than 35 items, please select your 35 best items for us to              review OR call us before coming to the store.

:  As you shop we will look through your items and choose the ones that we will      purchase from you. We will make you an offer for the total amount of items that    we will purchase. You are free to accept or decline. We pay cash for the items        we keep and will return the rest to you.

:  We are closed on Sundays.


RETURN POLICY: All clothing items must be returned within two weeks of purchase with purchase slip and tags. We give store credit only.