: The amount that we pay for an item will depend on our current inventory and the    need for the item, in addition to brand, age, condition, etc.

:  We ask that you take all the items that we don’t buy along with you.

:  At present we do not take large items because of space requirements.

: Items that do not sell within a reasonable period of time are marked down in         price for a while and then are donated to local charities or missions.

: On Ladies Night Only ,Women only, unless your husband will let you spend           more by coming along…or   you are having a “date night”. Young children are       discouraged from attending       since the play area serves as a dressing room       for this night.

:  We buy all seasons all the time.

: Please read our policies section carefully.

: We take all credit cards except American Express.

: Clothes are displayed by size with the racks being clearly marked. Boys and         girls clothes are separated. We offer plenty of shoes for children through adults,   including men. We have mainly casual clothing for adults, including a large           selection of jeans. We have a very large selection of infant and maternity                 clothes.